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Pomodo Software is modular and built to be a scalable solution. We don't believe that "one size fits all" when it comes to smart software for business, so our Pomodo Tech Software modules allow you to choose only what you need and expand your solution as your business grows!
Designed by people who use and know smart business software.
  • Customize. Pomodo Cloud puts the power in your hands with unlimited user-defined custom fields.
  • Integrate. Pomodo Cloud integrates to shipping services, accounting programs, and eCommerce solutions.
  • Be unique. Pomodo Cloud offers unique features for vertical markets.
  • Choose your option. Pomodo Cloud offers three options: On-premise solutions, cloud-based solutions, and hybrid desktop options that connect to the cloud.
  • Be flexible. Pomodo Cloud software is modular and allows for flexible pricing options.

Pomodo Cloud
The Pomodo Cloud allows you to log online to see your business at a glance. This base system integrates with multiple other software applications including internally developed software. Start out with the basic portal, but expand easily with our add-on modules.
Key Features:
  • Hub to manage reporting and activity online
  • Employee Management
  • Inventory and Vendor Management
  • Location and Register Management
  • Warehouse Tools
  • Accounting Tools
  • Order Entry and Management
  • Customer Management

Pomodo Customer Management
Our Customer Management module allows you to keep track of your customers and gives you the ability to target your marketing to get the most out of your Pomodo software. From basic demographical information to unlimited user-definable custom fields, you can track and manage all of your customer information!
Key Features:
  • Maintain basic customer info
  • Track customer purchase history
  • Reporting for easy access to customer information for marketing campaigns

Pomodo Inventory Management
Pomodo Inventory Management gives you full control over your inventory, allowing you to track inventory in and out as well as customize and run reports on the information that you need.
Key Features:
  • Full inventory control complete with the ability to manage multiple package types
  • Unlimited user-definable custom fields to keep track of the information you need
  • Reporting for easy access to inventory levels, sales, and reorder information
  • Track items in and out of your inventory with ease

Purchase Orders & Transfers In/Out
Place orders with vendors and manage inventory - all from the Internet!
Key Features:
  • Create POs to vendors and receive into inventory when shipment is brought in
  • Manage your inventory with the ability to transfer in and out
  • Compatible with a tablet to make transferring inventory completely mobile

Pomodo Shipping Bump Bar
Pick, Pack, and Ship is made easy with our Pomodo Shipping Bump Bar! Track your orders throughout the entire shipping process and increase your efficiency!
Key Features:
  • Web-based or desktop application
  • Integrates with UPS WorldShip
  • Series of tabs allows you to see where each order is in the shipping process

Pomodo Web Shopping Cart
Give your customers the ability to view your products and submit orders online with our basic shopping cart!
Key Features:
  • Ability to display pictures, descriptions, and prices for your products - all easily accessible by your customers
  • Increase your business reach and bottom line by making your products available to the Internet audience
  • Integrates with your Pomodo Cloud seamlessly so that you can control the entire process

Pomodo Web Order Screen
Increase efficiency in your team by making it easy for them to place customer orders online! Log in to the Pomodo Cloud to create work orders and quotes from anywhere with access to the Internet!
Key Features:
  • Order screen specific to your sales team
  • Ability to place orders right at the customer site
  • Efficiently place orders so customer receives product in a timely manner

Pomodo Customer Web Order Screen
Allow your customers to place orders directly on your website with their unique pricing!
Key Features:
  • We will work with you to design and create a custom order screen
  • Customers can log in online to place an order
  • Order screen will tie directly to database so customer sees information unique to them

Pomodo Customer Web Portal
Give your customers the ability to manage and view their account online!
Key Features:
  • Ability for customers to log on to a secure web portal
  • Customers can change basic information on their account
  • Customers can view invoices and purchase history

Pomodo POS
The Pomodo Point of Sale application is a user-friendly solution designed by industry experts. It combines ease of use with contantly expanding functionality to meet our customers' needs.
Key Features:
  • Desktop Point of Sale Application
  • Ties back to the Cloud Manager for easy control from anywhere
  • Ring up sales with a few easy clicks
  • Runs on any Windows based solution, including tablets